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So you’re thinking of turning a passion into a business/side hustle. . . .

Use the Passionpreneurship pre-business mini workbook to make sure you've got the basics right.​

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Here's how it works...

Aspiring Passionpreneurs will discover the 40 steps that are needed to ensure their business success.

Aspiring Passionpreneurs will spend time going through the 4 sections of the Business notebook and answering each of the 40 questions.  

After answering each of the 40 questions, an aspiring entrepreneur will need your support  to complete any gaps and guide them towards

their next steps.   









Hi! I'm Jacy

Since 2009 I've helped hundreds of purpose-led and purpose-driven Passionpreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to take action in the development of both their careers and their businesses.
With a Masters degree in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education, I have supported both organisations and individuals to realise their full potential in the Social Enterprise sector.

As a business coach and consultant, I came to realise the THREE major steps that people miss when it comes to career transitioning and starting a business.  

Take a look at what you get

A simple to complete mini

workbook to ensure you get the basics right in setting up a business/side hustle 

A dream written down is a plan. 


A plan followed by action becomes a reality.

Partner with us and earn 30% 

grab your copy today!

So you can start taking ACTION

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